Sunday, October 7, 2007

Would you call this "nesting"?

You when birds build nests and they gather things from their surroundings like sticks, weeds, ribbon, hair, mud, and then form it into a little pile to put their babies in? Not unlike what I'm doing here with Little Spike's room where I gather things from around the house that we're not using like clothes, furniture, boxes...and eventually I'll just put the baby in the middle of it. Nesting...right?

As far as I know, "nesting" is a pregnant woman's instinct to clean and organize her house before her little one arrives. To be honest, I think my nesting instinct was more intact prior to being pregnant. Shortly after getting pregnant, I began to care little about the state of our house. Mostly because I had more important things to do like sleep. Now that has passed, I still like to get the house clean, but not to the caliber that I expected pre-baby. As evidenced by the current state of our little girl's future room.

What I do suspect has happened, is that my nesting instinct has decided to materialize in two ways: making lists and crafting. First of all, boy-howdy do I ever love to make lists. Now with a baby coming, and my procrastination at it's peak, there is potentially no end to my lists. Furthermore, I really feel the need to make things. In fact, I've made a list of things I need to make (believe it or not). When I realized that I have approximately 16 weeks left of my pregnancy I practically started hyperventilating over that fact that I have not knit a single thing for Little Spike. No blankets, no hats, no burp rags...not bootie one. All I do is make gifts for all of my friend's babies but when it comes to my own offspring...meh.

My mother-in-law assured me that she was certain I didn't need to be panicking about this exact thing right now. I replied that I was pretty sure logic wasn't a character in this play. Luckily, my sister-in-law helped with my crisis by sending me an adorable sweater pattern that I will start on soon. In the meantime, I've started knitting a hat until I get the yarn for my sweater.

Whew. Crisis avoided...for now.

P.S. I think everyone should drink Izze soda because it is delicious and is the equivalent of a serving of fruit. Featured: Sparkling Pomegranate (unpaid advertisement)

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noisy penguin said...

Izze soda is delicious, but not as adorable as Izzy.

I have hit the ridiculously tired phase. I have some things to do...but I'm just going to go to bed. Even though it's 7:30.