Tuesday, July 28, 2009




That is hair.

And it is curling.

Proof of hair

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Something tells me it's all happening...


That's right folks, we took Azalea to the zoo for the second time in her little life. The first time I went with my friend Serin because she had a guest pass and Azalea was way to little to know or care what was going on but not this time! Nope, this time she was mezmerized by the animals. Whether or not she thought they were all "puppies" is another story.

Watching the elephants

She really enjoyed looking at the elephants. We even got to see a demonstration with the elephants and learn that the two there were 50 and 40 years old, and that they frequently get tested for TB which can be transferred from trainer to animal and vice versa. Huh. Crazy.


There was a lot of this happening all day.

Baby human!

Azalea was so good the whole time we were there even though it was hot and we didn't let her run around with the lemurs like she really wanted to. She held our hand when we wanted her to and any crying was usually remedied with her cuppy. I honestly have no idea where we got this obedient child.

Amazed at the giraffes

Family again!

I'm quite a sucker for the giraffes so that is where we had a quick family picture taken (thank you Brian).

Not quite as tall.

Azalea was pretty sure she could take on a Polar Bear and was planning a sneak attack. We told her she should probably wait a few years.

Too hot for penguins

It was too damn hot for penguins. (You're welcome Jenny.)

Zoo pass!

In the end we decided to get a zoo pass so that Azalea and I can go to the zoo WHENEVER WE WANT. Hooray zoos!

P.S. You can check out more pictures of our zoo trip on our flickr set.