Monday, September 7, 2009

She just wants me to look my best.

Azalea is not so into my barefoot in the kitchen look. About mid-morning she usually comes in with some suggestions to help me "class things up a bit."


Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Taste of Colorado

So we went to A Taste of Colorado Yesterday and I wanted to write a blog about it, but dad won't let me use the computer so we compromised and he's taking dictation. Dad has this really annoying trait he picked up from Grandpa Bill where he always complains about crowds, so we decided to park far away and go downtown on what I have been told is called a 'train,' although, I've heard some call it the 'light rail.' So dad bought some tickets while mom and I had a little self photo shoot.

The way A Taste of Colorado works is you go in and buy tickets, and then use those tickets to buy food. Dad says that it's probably a way to mask the actual prices you're paying for the food, but that's ok because we didn't go to get a bargain. I guess the food prices are about on par with what you would usually pay at a fair. Also, using the tickets seemed to help the lines move fast.

The first thing mom and dad got were two mini cupcakes (blueberry lemon and chocolate raspberry) and some spicy Louisiana hot links. I thought the cupcakes were great, mom and dad said they were just ok. The hot links looked great but mom and dad kept telling me they were too hot... I think they just didn't want to share.

While we were eating those things I got to push my stroller around, which was awesome. Also, some guy asked if he could take a picture of me because I'm so awesome.

The next thing we got was fried gator. I didn't want any, but mom and dad said it tasted like chicken, but with the added flavor of how lizards and snakes smell so I don't think I missed out on much.

Next we got some smash fries for me and mom and dad got something called chicken pakora. The fries were decent and mom and dad loved their chicken.

After I had eaten some of my fries, we got some plantains which I also enjoyed.

On the way to our next stop, mom took a great picture of the capitol building that I would like to include here.

After we stopped to look at the capitol, mom and dad split an awesome shrimp taco... again I didn't want any.

By now I was starting to get annoyed at how long I had been sitting, but my patience was about to pay off, because we got shaved ice that we got to flavor ourselves (we got green apple and blue raspberry) and a Pepsi. I tried to eat the Pepsi with a spoon straw after the shaved ice was gone, but it didn't work very well.

Next came mini-doughnuts. I've had these in Seattle before and these weren't as good, but they're more than passable.

After doughnuts it was a time for another break. I took the opportunity to give out some kisses.

After kisses I ate a melomakaruna which is a very very dry and crumble cookie.


Then we had the best thing all day, a cup of strawberry banana gelato and a cup of lemon gelato. Man that lemon gelato was good. Also, I gave out more kisses.

After that set of kisses it was almost time to go. But not before chocolate covered bacon, a beef brisket sandwich, gyoza, a california roll, a bottle of water, a brazilian sausage, and some bacon wrapped chicken.

Finally, after all the eating was done, we got back on the train and went home. I rode like a big girl, as you can see by the way I hold on to the bar.

So that's what $40 will get you at A Taste of Colorado.