Sunday, October 21, 2007

Fall in Colorado

The other day on the radio, a woman said "Once again, the variable weather of the Fall reminds us that Winter is almost here...but not quite." I assume this is what she was referring to.

Just as predicted, we woke up to snow this morning. But no worries, apparently it should be up in the 60s by Wednesday.

So much for digging up my garden before it snowed huh?

And of course since it isn't really a blizzard, it isn't sticking to the off we go to church.

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Nate & Carlee said...

It snowed here in Provo this weekend too! But it's gone now, and apparently this week is going to warm up as well...hey...are we on the same weather front or something? It's almost like you're just a few hours away...weird.