Monday, October 15, 2007

Just a little story for you guys.

So the other day Miranda and I were driving back from a movie that we had gone to see. As we were getting on the freeway to come home I noticed a cloud of dust erupt in the median caused by a car that had just arrived there. It was facing the wrong direction and I don’t really have any idea how he got there. He wasn’t in front of me when I was getting on and it would have been a pretty steep drop for him if he had just come careening off of the freeway.

Anyway, once I realized what I was looking at I pulled over to the edge of the onramp, turned on my hazards and started to get out of my car to see if there was anyone who needed help. However, before I got my door open a car that I quickly identified as the car that had just recently been in the median pulled up next to me. I rolled down my window, he rolled down his and then he said, “… sorry dude… I just lost traction.” To which I replied with a stupid look on my face, “Ok… well… be careful I guess.” And then he drove off.

2 Questions that I should have asked:

1 – What were you doing to lose traction? Perhaps there is a freak patch of ice in the 70° weather, or an oil slick released by a spy’s car that I should be watching out for.

2 – Where did you come from?! Based on where you were and the direction you were facing, the best I could tell is that you dropped straight out of the sky.

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