Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Miranda!

I had a wonderful birthday that lasted all weekend. I got to have lunch with my friends, eat the most delicious cake that my co-worker made me, see the movie Across the Universe, and of course, spend lots of time with Nate. The highlight of my birthday was a light dinner we had at one of our favorite Mexican restaurants. Nate happened to mention that it was my birthday. Yes, yes, there was much eating, Mexican themed singing, and sombrero wearing.

Can you believe I thought I might go my whole life without having a picture like this taken of me?


noisy penguin said...

Yay! Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! I hope that's Casa Bonita I see in the background.

Nate & Miranda said...

Oh if was actually Jose O'Shea's.

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure I can be classified as a crappy friend right about now! I can't believe I forgot your birthday! It's also my niece, Sophie's, birthday, so I remembered for a minute, and then went on with my life! HAPPY WEEK-LATE BIRTHDAY! Got your shower invitation yesterday! Can't wait to see you Saturday! LOVE YA!