Sunday, September 30, 2007

Seven and Counting

Just to alert everyone, stay away from our garage. In the last 36 hours we have caught six mice in there, plus one that Izzy nabbed a week ago makes seven. Also, just a tip, don't lean flattened cardboard against the wall sitting right next to the dog food bag for a year. It's like a mouse bed and breakfast.

This PSA has been brought to you by Nate.

Now we're at 8 mice

Found four more trapped this morning putting the count at 12.

MISS "Little Spike" Walker

It took two ultrasounds to find out...but we now know that we're having a girl! Our first ultrasound was with the doctor and there we found out that our baby has two arms, two legs, a brain, four chambers in her heart, a nose, eyes, a stomach, kidneys, and feet.


These are all wonderful things to know and we were so happy to find out that everything was looking normal. But as far as the gender was concerned, we were told that the baby was probably a girl...maybe. Our baby was quite active and not a big fan of being nudged with the ultrasound wand. At one point we saw her punch me and the radiologist when she was trying to get a good shot of her nose. However, once it was time to take a look at her legs and backside, she clamped down and decided that she wasn't moving ANY MORE. Apparently she has an attitude that she must get from Nate because I certainly don't have such a defiant demeanor.

For example, here she is trying to block a good shot of her nose.

I tried to tell myself that maybe we just weren't meant to know the gender...or that we were most likely having a girl...but maybe a boy. Well, that lasted all of 12 hours, and by the next morning (clearly I agonized over this decision) I had made an appointment for another ultrasound. I thought about the 3D/4D ultrasounds, but they kind of creep Nate out and all I really wanted to know was the sex so I figured we didn't need all those other dimensions.

Not letting her guard down, shortly after punching me.

I felt a little weird when we first got to the ultrasound place. I mean, it's not in any way a doctors nurses, no doctors. I could hear some piano arrangement of "Rock-a-By-Baby" in the background while the receptionist offered to upgrade our VHS of the session to a DVD. I kept thinking "oh geez, we're just here on business, we don't even want a video and kill the cheesy music please." Well, I clearly wasn't giving this experience a fair shot.

I love looking at the spine...that is so cool!

The room we were in had a nice black leather couch and enough seating for eight people! The bed I was on was about the size of the room we were in for our hospital ultrasound and the entire thing was projected on the wall for us to see. It was an awesome experience and I would recommend the place to anyone. The other thing that was great was that finding out the sex was priority #1. She was still pretty stubborn but I promised her that I wouldn't post any of her "personal" pictures on this blog so I guess she caved. So there you have it...the first bribe of my parenting career.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Check me out

No really, check me out. I just love water so much. It makes me so happy.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Fun with HTML

Feel free to ignore this post if you want to. I'm just trying to figure this whole HTML thing out. Also, perhaps I will make a website. If you have any ideas for what I could make (right now I'm seriously lacking content ideas), let me know.


Here are some fields where you can enter things if you feel like it. Maybe it'll even e-mail it to me. Then again, just putting in my e-mail address in the HTML thingy may not be enough.

Who are you:

Tell me something good:

I'm not sure why that horizontal rule up above is being so dumb. It doesn't want to take color or width anymore... lame.

I wonder if I can add some sort of background.

I just had to move the three rules that are below here from where they were above because they are doing the same thing as the second.

Hmm... it looks like I need to have a file accessible for a background, so that's not gonna fly.

Well, I guess I better get back to doing other stuff.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival

As I mentioned previously, my family came to visit a couple weeks ago in August. While they were here, we decided to check out the Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival that we found out about on the news one morning.

We thought it would be the best idea to go to the evening "Illumination Show" since in order to see any of the balloons actually take off into the sky you had to be at the park at like 6:00 AM, which was just not happening for us. The festival was in somewhat of a fair setting with lots of food, music, and advertising obviously on the balloons and in booths on the ground.

It took us a while to decided where to eat since there were so many good choices...until we found these delicious fried potato things. Oh yeah, and the corn dogs, and the fresh lemonade, and the ice cream, and the grilled corn on the cob. I'm pretty sure that things like this are the reason my doctor told me to "watch my diet."

As you can see, as the night progressed more and more hot air balloons filled the sky. When it got dark (and much more difficult to take a good picture), they started to light up the balloons using a special gas that burns brighter.

About four or five times, there was a big countdown to when all the balloons would light up together for about 5 seconds, which was pretty cool. We kept hoping that they were actually going to lift off until we thought about the logistics of 30 hot air balloons flying around together in the middle of the night...guess that probably wouldn't work.

Anyway, we were glad we went...the food was good and the weather was fantastic. Thanks again for coming to visit mom, dad, and grandpa!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

In the Kitchen

While my family was visiting last weekend, I asked my mom to make her cinnamon rolls for us. (Because if I'm too tired and hot to make them myself then my mom should make them right?) Actually, if you haven't already heard, I'm not a big fan of baking, and bread items are particularly intimidating for me. However, now that I've watched/helped my mom make them TWICE I think I can be a big girl and start making them myself. Anyway, the point of this post is to talk about how delicious these cinnamon rolls are.

I can't ever find cinnamon rolls that I love as much as these. The frosting is my favorite part (I think it's my grandma's recipe) and somehow mom gets enough on them so that you never hit a dry spot the entire time you're eating them. She made a ton of them too and they were HUGE so we got to enjoy them all week. Believe me, if you've never eaten one of my mom's cinnamon wish you had. Thanks again mom.

Despite my baking hesitations, I really enjoy cooking and tonight's dinner was delicious. I had some leftover cream from the cinnamon rolls and thought I'd better use it rather than let it go to waste. The recipe is from Cathy Hess out of Jen's family cookbook which Jen was nice enough to give me after I begged her incessantly. (I love the food the Hess family eats).

This Citrus Cream Sauce would be so delicious with a white fish or crab as a main dish; and, of course it was good with just pasta. I added marinated artichoke hearts because we had some we needed to use and tomatoes because I have so many that I add them to pretty much everything. It also calls for mint and basil but since I didn't have mint on hand I doubled the basil and it was still great. The recipe is super easy, and I would recommend it to anyone (especially you Gail).

Pasta with Citrus Cream Sauce
1 Cup heavy cream
2 Tbsp. cognac or dry sherry
Zest of 1 lemon
Zest of 1 large naval orange
1/2 tsp. coarse salt
2 Tbsp. fresh mint, chopped (about 3 sprigs)
12 leaves fresh basil, shredded or torn
1/2 lb. linguini, cooked al dente (obviously I used bowtie and...still good)
1/2 Cup grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese

In a skillet over medium-low heat, warm cream. Add cognac or dry sherry, zest of lemon and orange, and salt. Simmer 7-10 min. Add mint and basil. Toss hot, drained pasta with sauce and grated cheese.