Friday, April 10, 2009

Critical Micelle Concentration

I know, I know, this blog is supposed to be about Azalea, with an occasional post about her parents. But this was just too cool to not slap up on my blog. It's how soap works, with candy corn, in space. It's also a big deal for water treatment, where you run across the critical micelle (My-Cell) concentration from time to time. Anyway, I grabbed this video from the Science Friday website.

Also, if you're viewing this in a reader, come visit my blog to see the video. There was something up with the embed code and it doesn't seem to be showing up.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Seattle Wrap-Up

Hi it's Azalea. I've decided to finish up with the photos from Seattle since it has become quite apparent that my mom and dad are not going to do it. Welcome to the second and last installment of our trip to Seattle (which was in FEBRUARY). This post will mainly focus on food....which is basically the focus of my life anyway.

Grandma and Grandpa Walker have a nice big kitchen with lots of room to run around and play. There is a nice island in the middle that I really enjoyed making laps around in down time, you know, when Grandpa Bill or dad weren't reading me Brown Bear. I also enjoyed sitting on the island while I helped mom make thumbprint cookies. (She was like a compulsive baker trying to take advantage of being at sea-level).

And by help I mean...licked everything clean.

We also visited Grandma's friends Perk and Sirkku Bingham. They had this beautiful sun room at their house so we decided to sit there while it, er...rained. All the adults had a great time laughing and drinking tea while I walked from one room to the other over and over and over.

Sirkku makes this delicious bread called Pulla. My mom loves the stuff and got all excited when she saw it. I had to fight her for this piece.

We celebrated my birthday on Bainbridge Island the night before we went home. Grandma gave me an ENTIRE PLATE of nilla waffers for my birthday cake! I decided to take a bite out of all of them so that nobody else could eat any of them. Not unlike mom when she is in the presence of a plate of pulla.

I'm fairly certain I have an older sibling lurking around somewhere waiting to eat all of my food and steal my toys. Just to be on the safe side, I eat everything as fast as I can so he/she can't get it. Mom says she doesn't understand it, but I'm pretty sure she would eat my stuff if I wasn't eating it so I'm covering my ground either way.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Have a Good Monday!

Maybe it would help if somebody tickled you.

Tickling Z-Cakes from Miranda Walker on Vimeo.