Saturday, August 29, 2009

Per Lucy's Request

We all know that Azalea has a wide fan base, but a special request has been put in from one of her admirers in Idaho that I had to fulfill immediately. As you know...3 year olds don't like to wait too long.

This is a video of Azalea and me killing time at the vacation home we stayed at with Nate's family in Jenner, CA. We have more pictures of that vacation to post as soon as I locate them on our multiple picture folder abyss. Cross your fingers for me and enjoy the video!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally you guys.

We finally got Azalea a freakin' riding toy. (Thanks Grandma Nina)

Riding toy

It's clearly the greatest toy ever and it makes lots of noise and sings songs and has a piano on the front and it has this secret compartment where she can hide a bunch of her toys and she can ride on it or push it or be pushed on it and iiiiiit's sooooooo awesooooooooome!

Dirty narrow roads

With a blankie and a riding toy, her little one and half year old life is complete.

Incognito driver

Okay so can we please go back to being happy now and not crying and being cranky all the time because we may or may not be cutting two teeth?

Dirty narrow roads


So much for that...

Close up
Oh hi mom, it looks like you think you're going to take some pictures of me.

Hey hey hey!
Hmm...that's interesting.

Lens cap
Oh hey, what's this that I've found?

Lens cap
Aaaaaand you're done.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

There's still 45 min. left of our anniversary.

Five years ago today Nate and I got married.

The most exciting part of marriage for me was the fact that Nate and I got to live in THE SAME HOUSE. Two years of long-distance dating made marriage feel like a permanent slumber party in my opinion.

Dating in separate states meant lots of talking via IM, too many red-eye flights, and a crazy last-minute road trip where I may or may not have almost killed all of my roommates by driving us off the road.

And now, after five years, I still never get tired of hanging out with Nate.

I love you so much. Here's to five years of slumber parties.

Friday, August 14, 2009

She even picked out the costume.

The other day I had Azalea with me down in the basement while I was trying to make sense of the giant mess we keep down there. I was playing some kid music on Pandora and dancing around a little to keep her entertained. I quickly realized that her "dancing" has graduated from moving her hips and arms back and forth--to full on choreography with steps and turns and jutted hips. We danced around the basement and by the end of the song I realized that I was tearing up! You know...because I was sharing this little moment with my daughter who was getting so big and oh yeah because I'm SUCH A SENTIMENTAL SAP. (lovely alliteration Miranda--Oh why thank you!) Honestly I don't know how anyone could live with me.

Anyway, on to the tape.

:: Please note the excellent use of the stage.

:: I'm pretty sure she was trying for an awesome lift at the end, but her partner's hands were full.

:: Also, forgive the poor camera angles. The camera crew was apparently dancing while taking the unprofessional.

Z-cakes Dancing from Miranda Walker on Vimeo.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

How Can This Be?