Thursday, August 21, 2008

Vay-Cay to Idaho! Part 2

We spent our second day in Idaho visiting my best friends, Jen, Dallin, Claire, & Erica in Idaho Falls. We started with a little visit to the Temple and the falls.

For those of you who don't know, Jen and I have been friends since 2nd grade. Erica lived next to Jen growing up so we've all been friends for a long time. So of course I was soooo excited to find out she would be having a baby girl a few months after me because we were starting a second generation of best friends! Now Erica is due with bambino numero dos in September and guess's a girl!

Azalea had already grown accustomed to her grandmother's nice air-conditioned house so she wasn't too keen on the heat. We tried our best to keep her covered and sun-blocked up.

She is also mildly resigned to the fact that I can't quit nuzzling her.

Of course the best part of the trip was when Baby Claire and Baby Zayley got to meet! Azalea is about three months older than Claire; and, as it appears, is a little more high strung. I believe in the picture below, she is explaining to Claire where her eye is.

Holy crap, couldn't you just die.

Though she was a little sleepy, Claire did take an opportunity to give Zayley a little love. Or to try to tell her to shut-up. I'm not quite sure.

"Hey HEY hey!"

While Claire was sleeping, Zayley started feeling generous and decided to loan Claire on of her headbands. Of course she wasn't generous enough to give one to her. She's just a baby you know.

At the end of the day (like dummy-heads) we realized that Jen and I hadn't taken a picture of us together with our babies. So we took one in front of Target. Lovely.

Snip Snip...

You likes?

I think Kelli at Turning Heads Studio did a fantastic job! Thanks Kelli!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

*WARNING* Bathtub Pictures

The other day Azalea walked up to Nate and said, "Hey dad, I'd like to take a bath. Will you run me some bath water?"

Okay, not really. But she is sitting up like a champ, so much so that it's silly to put her in her baby tub anymore. Also, she's getting two teeth and eating oatmeal and peas (which I can't shovel into her mouth fast enough) and growing out of her clothes and I'm really starting to freak out about it. The growing up! It's happening too fast!

Speaking of teeth. Dirty teeth growing in and making my baby cranky all the time. Oh forgive me, I meant to say, making her cranky when she's home alone with me.

Vay-Cay to Idaho! Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, my parents stuffed me into the back of the car one evening and I quickly fell asleep. When I woke up the next morning, we were in a new place that my mom kept calling Idaho. Apparently it's where she's from and she's a big fan of the place. In Idaho, there are cows, dogs, and a house that's waaaay bigger than ours with Grandma and Grandpa Black inside. Sometimes Uncle Spencer is there too.

Uncle Spence has this awesome beard that is perfect for grabbing onto. I liked pulling on it with both hands and listening to him scream. Except one time it scared me and I accidentally started crying. What I really wanted to do was put the thing in my mouth, but every time I tried my mom freaked out and wouldn't let me...something about it being gross.

I had a great time in Idaho. My mom and dad brought my bouncer so that I could hang between the living room and kitchen and bounce to my little heart's content. I hardly ever had to play by myself; however, my mom still made sure I took an occasional nap even though I tried to cry harder to get Grandma or Grandpa to come save me.

The first day we were in Idaho my mom's friend Makenna came over to visit with her little boy Rhett. Rhett is way bigger than me but I still thought he was pretty awesome. That is...until he stole my barf rag.

Seriously, what's up with that anyway?

Before they left to fly back to South Carolina, we took a happy little picture. Too bad I'm not looking at the camera. I'm pretty sure Dad tried hard to get me to look because he kept saying my name. (I'm still pretending that I don't recognize my name)

Grandma Nina and Grandpa Ken (who was trying to get me to call him GK...I'm not sure that's going to stick) got to read me lots of bedtime stories too. Here is GK reading me a story that he said was called F-Off Peers. He told me it was about not doing what your friends tell you to do if you know it's not a good idea. I'll have to remember that phrase for when I'm in school.

When GK read the next book he made some wierd noise whenever he turned the page. My mom said she used to listen to this book on tape she was little and when she was supposed to turn the page there was a grasshopper sound. GK was remembering the tape and making the sound for me...isn't that cute?

That's it for day one in Idaho. Lots more to come!

P.S.Mom took a picture of these Creamies because she wanted Jenny and Dallin to see them. Something about Crazy Dallin never having heard of them.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Call

If any of you are still thinking about purchasing a Scentsy warmer and wax, you have about one week left! Remember the deadline to order is Wednesday, August, 20th. You can view the catalog here and don't forget that everything is 10% off this month! I'm mailing back my scented samples this weekend so come by if you'd like to smell them. Also, I'd be happy to bring them by to your know...if you have a million kids and it's not that convenient to just swing by to my place.

To order, call me or email me at: walker dot miranda at gmail dot com

Monday, August 11, 2008

Hey Look!

Other people blog about Azalea too!

We're very lucky to have a handful of great friends that are willing to babysit Azalea when I have to see the occasional client. During a recent stay with Rachel, Azalea made friends with their dog, Jem. (Thanks for taking pictures Rachel!)

We've even noticed that she's a little more interested in Izzy too!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Thanks Emmylou!

My dear sweet friend, Emmylou, took these pictures of us while we were hanging out in Idaho.

Of course there are many more pictures of Idaho on the way but I thought I'd post these for those of you who are beside yourselves waiting for new stuff.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Do You Smell That?

While I was in Idaho, I couldn’t help but notice how many of my friends and family all had stylish wickless candle warmers in their homes from a company called Scentsy. I’ve never been a big fan of candle warmers, I always thought they were kind of ugly. But these candle warmers are super cute, and they have a ton to match many different home decors. Of course I had to have one and even considered (for more than a minute) selling them myself. Then I got some great news…my cousin, Lisa, is a Scentsy consultant! So I’ve decided to have an online party via my blogs. Of course you are under no obligations to buy; I just thought I’d give everybody the opportunity to check out this fantastic product. Plus it originated in Idaho, and you know how I love to support my home state.

For those of you who haven’t already attended a million Scentsy parties…

What is it?:
Scentsy provides cute cute warmers that have a 25 watt light bulb inside to melt scented wax. The wax melts at a very low temperature so they’re safe around children and pets. I should include that it smells fantastic. They also have a collection of room sprays and car candles that are awesome. You can check out the catalog here.

How do I order?:
Just send me an email. (walker dot miranda at gmail dot com) Let me know what you want to order and I’ll take it from there. You can also call me if you already know my phone number.

Are there any Specials?:
During the month of August, all Scentsy products* are 10% off! I also heard a rumor that after this month, they are increasing the price of their warmers by $5.00.

Party Dates:
Now until Wednesday, August 20th.

Wait wait wait…can I smell this stuff first?:
Unfortunately, with an online party, you don’t get to smell all of the scented wax before purchasing. HOWEVER, if you are fortunate enough to live in the Denver area, I have a selection of the waxes here at my house so you can swing by and smell them if you’d like. Otherwise, Scentsy has a fantastic return policy if you buy something you think you might like but end up liking…not so much.

If you are a fruit and flower girl like me, you might like some of my favorite scents:

Coconut Lemongrass
Lots of Lavender
Perfectly Pomegranate
Grapefruit Blossom
Cucumber Lime
Camu Camu

Okay I think that’s it! Please let me know if you have any questions and don’t forget to email me if you’d like to order. Party On!

*does not include the double Scentsy warmer package