Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving in Idaho. First of all, we were greeted by dad's turkey which was possibly the best one yet...


Not to brag on dad's behalf of anything, but we saw several people stop to take pictures of his turkey over the course of the weekend.

Azalea was showered with attention since both sets of grandparents were there. That basically meant that under no circumstances (barring sleep) was she ever without someone to play with, talk to, be picked up by, or go outside with. She loves going outside and finally got used to the idea of her big winter coat because as she says it was "coldy."


Bill and Gail went outside one morning while dad sorted cattle with Spence and Ephrain. Izzy got to come along too so she could demonstrate her cattle working skillz. I got some video of her in action too and I'll try to post that later.




Gail and I decorated the table and I was quite pleased with the final look.


Dinner was delicious as always although I seemed completely incapable of taking a shot that was focused or adequately lit. For crap's sake.

(I put together the cheese tray and then promptly camped out in front of it)


Mom and Aunt Connie hustled around the kitchen and wouldn't let me take a decent picture of them. I told them I was taking these action shots for posterity.

(mom is very happy when she is making pie)

(Connie hid behind somebody else in EVERY SINGLE picture I took of people at the table...therefore, I'm forced to post this picture as the only documentation of her presence)


(One out of focus and one poorly lit. COME ON! Why did I even take pictures?)

And now...the picture's you've all been waiting for: Azalea's second Thanksgiving.





Hope you all had wonderful Thanksgivings and best wishes in your upcoming holiday festivities!