Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Video Extravaganza!

Miss Azalea is a sicky today. She's still her usual happy self, she just has a snotty nose and sounds like a Pug when she breathes. We feel pretty bad for her since she's a baby and can't just blow her nose. I can't believe how well she puts up with having her nose suctioned after every nap. What a great baby.

Anywho, I've been taking some time trying to get our videos loaded onto the computer. (Oddly enough, the digital video camera doesn't download as easily as the digital camera). So I'm going to be putting videos on here throughout the day. Some of them are a little long, because I'm not taking the time to edit them since the grandparents are getting pushy again about updating the blog.

At first these are in no particular order, but eventually I'll put them from oldest to newest...or youngest to oldest, depending on how you think about it. Also, (mom) if you pace yourself and don't watch all the videos in one day, you might not notice how infrequently I'm updating the blog.

Five Little Monkeys
Originally uploaded by N8tr0n

April came to visit me one day with her kids, Parker wanted to entertain Azalea so, commence with the singing. She's very lucky to have two "older brothers" to entertain her during they day and they're so great with her!

Dear Mr. Lion,
I'm sorry I bad-mouthed you earlier. you were right and I was wrong. You are the toy that Zayley decided to reach for and play with; not any of those stupid other toys I was dangling over her head forever. Please accept my apology.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Don't worry, you don't have to understand it.

I made a model for part of my thesis. It's still in pretty rough draft but if you put new numbers in the green area, the numbers in the red and yellow areas change along with the graph. Plus it looks kinda cool.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I fixed it...

Your Google Readers should work for our blog now. (I'm quite proud of myself for figuring out how to fix it.) Please let me know if you still have trouble.

Here I Come Grandma!

Mom and dad are always talking about how they wish we could all live closer together and they know that you miss me very much. I think they've come up with the perfect solution.

Don't worry, they're going to put packing peanuts in with me too. I think I'm on my way to Idaho first so, Grandma Nina, if you could just forward me on to Washington when you're done that would be fantastic.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Mommy's Day Off

Yesterday was my mommy's day off "work." I'm really not sure what work is, but I can only assume it means she leaves me at April's house and dresses up other babies and takes a million pictures of them. I figure that's what she's doing since that seems to be her favorite thing to do with me. Observe:

Excessive right? Oh and get this....So the other day my dad needed to wash his hands but he was holding me and didn't know where to put me. He put me IN THE WINDOW! Yeah, and then my mom? My mom just took pictures of the whole thing! I must say though, the view was pretty nice.

I guess that's all I have to say for today. I'm very cranky and so I'm going to bed. Baby burrito, here I come!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bloggy Blog Blog

I need to take up a little "non-Zayley" space to mention a few new blogs that some of you may be interested in.

The first one is my new personal blog. I'm still working on making it look presentable which may take a while as our family blog is now in its second year and still has the most boring layout ever.

The second and third belong to my friend Jaime. She's started a blog about how much she loves being a mom and another about healthy desserts. Both of these blogs make me very happy.

So add these blogs to your never-ending list of to-read blogs where people write about their personal lives for the enjoyment of strangers...and enjoy.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm Three Months Old Today Everybody!

And to celebrate, I did five hours worth of napping. (my best day of naps ever)

I hung out with my friends Parker, Carter, and April.

And Daddy read me a bed-time story.

What a great day.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Blessing Day

Azalea's blessing was a few weeks ago but I figured the pictures were still worth posting. As I mentioned before, both of our families were able to attend which was wonderful. Nate gave Azalea a beautiful blessing and she slept though all of the rest of the meeting on Grandpa Ken's chest.

After the blessing, we decided that it was a nice enough day that we could eat lunch in the park.

The next three pictures were taken by my friend Rachel. Thanks Rachel!

Grandma Nina can't get enough of her cute little granddaughter...just ask her. As you can see Zayley chose to wear her owl hoodie, which also makes her look a little like a monk.

Our meal was delicious. Chicken salad on croissants, HUGE strawberries, broccoli salad, pasta salad, and apple pie for dessert. Mmmm....

I'm such a bad mom.

Now before any of you try to say, "no, no Miranda, you're a great mom" let me state my case. My baby LOVES TV.

My three-month old you guys. Oh yeah! And I have documented evidence:


Here. (she's straining to see it behind her)

And Here.

But that's not the worst part. The worst part is that I'm taking advantage of it. I practically condone it. For Shame! Just yesterday I wanted to eat dinner, so I plopped Zayley down on the Boppy right in front of My Name Is Earl, and she loved it.

It is for this reason that today I purchased this:
Ugh. I used to hate these things. I thought I could provide enough stimulation for my baby without buying a contraption that's designed to do it all for me. But you know what? I can't. Not if I want to eat. Also, it's time for Azalea to start reaching for and batting at toys, and it's hard for me to hold something over her head the entire time I'm playing with her. So maybe this play mat will be a nice solution. I haven't taken it out of the box yet because I'm still having trouble owning the decision of buying it. I'll leave the batteries out of it to make me feel better. In the meantime maybe I'll just go buy all the toys. All the toys I ever though I hated since apparently I'll be buying them eventually anyway.

So okay maybe I'm not a bad mom. I'll try to keep Zayley's television viewing time under 15 minutes a day. And my goal will be that she spends more time with me entertaining her instead of plastic. Then I'll get to see more adorable faces like this one...