Saturday, August 16, 2008

*WARNING* Bathtub Pictures

The other day Azalea walked up to Nate and said, "Hey dad, I'd like to take a bath. Will you run me some bath water?"

Okay, not really. But she is sitting up like a champ, so much so that it's silly to put her in her baby tub anymore. Also, she's getting two teeth and eating oatmeal and peas (which I can't shovel into her mouth fast enough) and growing out of her clothes and I'm really starting to freak out about it. The growing up! It's happening too fast!

Speaking of teeth. Dirty teeth growing in and making my baby cranky all the time. Oh forgive me, I meant to say, making her cranky when she's home alone with me.

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Gail said...

Zayley- Your bath looks like so much fun. I see you are sharing your bath/swim with your dad. Keep a close eye on him in case you need to rescue him with some kind of heroic lifesaving tactics. Wait until you see Cousin Will's BIG!!!! bathtub - it's shocking!