Thursday, August 14, 2008

Last Call

If any of you are still thinking about purchasing a Scentsy warmer and wax, you have about one week left! Remember the deadline to order is Wednesday, August, 20th. You can view the catalog here and don't forget that everything is 10% off this month! I'm mailing back my scented samples this weekend so come by if you'd like to smell them. Also, I'd be happy to bring them by to your know...if you have a million kids and it's not that convenient to just swing by to my place.

To order, call me or email me at: walker dot miranda at gmail dot com


Gail said...

When you drop by my house with the samples, could you please bring Zayley and Nathan too?

Kali Jo said...

so, does three kids in just under 3 yrs count as a million (it should). i'd love for you to come swing by my house and give me a scentsy smell test. I live on Povey rd. in American falls, idaho. so whattaya say about 3:00 tomorrow? great See ya then. can't wait!!!!
kali jo

Kali Jo said...

oh by the way. WHAT AN ADORABLE BABY. Who'd have thought the guy that you dragged into our house on S. 4th with the huge curly blondish brown... well i'm not sure what to call it. Afro comes to mind. anyway. who'd have thought he could have such a beautiful baby girl. j/k, I liked him from the start.

FroggyWoman said...

What great news!
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