Saturday, April 7, 2007

Izzy Turns One

In lieu of children...we have Izzy. (That's just for the time being...we don't want anybody freaking out thinking we're never having kids.) And Izzy has just turned One. Since we adopted her, we're not sure of the exact date of her birthday...and we know we celebrated about a month late but I'm pretty sure she didn't mind. Here are some pictures of Izzy's birthday celebration.

Nate made cupcakes and Izzy was very impatient waiting for them to get done...
I have trouble thinking of a whole lot of things I like more than dogs in party hats...

Izzy refused to blow out the candle before she ate her cupcake. Plus she likes to lick the frosting off first.
And for those of you who don't remember. (including ourselves!)'s a picture of Izzy when we first got her...only 6 weeks old.

And no talking about how lame we are because we had a birthday party for our dog. I don't care if you're already thinking it.

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noisy_penguin said...

Happy Birthday Izzy! I'm still going to steal you someday. Don't tell Nate and Miranda.