Sunday, April 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Nate

"A special day calls for a special place."

That's what our friend Ben said when he heard that Nate's 25th birthday was on Saturday, April 28th. Ben was referring to the worlds largest restaurant (under one roof ) where Nate and 3 of his friends...and his wife...would be celebrating his birthday. CASA BONITA!!!
For those of you who watch South Park (all of you I'm sure) you may be familiar with the episode where Kyle gets to take 3 of his friends to Casa Bonita for his birthday. Nate had seen this episode of South Park before but being a non-Denverite, he had no idea that the place actually existed. He didn't know that Cartman's crazy rampage at the end of the episode where he ran scared through Black Bart's cave, cheered for the cliff jumpers, and demanded more sopapias, was ALL BASED ON FACT! And here is the magical place in real life...Just a 4 minute drive down Colfax from our house.
It's difficult to describe the Casa Bonita experience. I suppose first of all, it is a Mexican restaurant. It is swimming with kids...the way school lunch rooms are swimming with kids. There is a line to order your food that resembles Disneyland where you snake around and around, getting close to the front only to make another turn. You pick up your order in what is basically a cafeteria line where they have many of the pre-assembled entrees that you may have ordered. (This, for some reason sent me into fits of laughter.) There's a mariachi band that plays Happy Birthday every minute and a half. It's muggy because of the pool where ripped high schoolers do impressive dives off of the "cliffs." There are arcades where the air doesn't move, haunted caves, and abandoned mines. The place goes on forever. And the food...the food is terrible. Worse in retrospect. And it's all you can eat. Fantastic. all of our young cousins...the Payton girls, Tess, the Black boys, the Davis boys, the Hill boys, Joellen and...Spencer. Come to Denver and we'll take you to Casa Bonita (though we won't be eating anything) you'll have the time of your life.


noisy_penguin said...

What, you have to be a little cousin or sibling to get taken to this crazy place? I feel left out.

Nate & Miranda said... ARE pretty much a sibling. I mean, we'll take you but you have to promise to talk to us afterwards.

noisy_penguin said...'re right. Sometimes I forget about that whole "marriage" thing. Shh, don't tell Lorne.