Saturday, June 13, 2009


Dear Willy,
I hope you have a wonderful 1st birthday. I have found that having a whole party planned around your entire year of existing is somehow even better than the fact that the world has already been revolving around you since the moment you came into existence.

If it looks like I am cranky in these photos it is because:
1. I am kind of sick.
2. I am not at your birthday party.
3. My mom just pointed out that even if I LIVED IN SAN DIEGO I wouldn't be able to come to your party...because of #1

Anyway, I love you and I think you are a great cousin. I don't even mind that you have more hair than me. I can't wait to hang out with you in this "Bay Area" place that our parents keep talking about. Also, my parent told me to tell you that your gift is in the mail.

Love, Your favorite cousin,


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Will said...

Dear Zayley,

I like my sign a lot, it's pretty awesome. We will have to force our mothers to bake or buy cake when we are in that Bay Area place, because I have discovered that cake is the best food. It is the best for eating and smearing in your hair and all over everything. Do your parents let you eat cake every day when you are one? I hope so.

See you soon!!!