Friday, May 22, 2009

Green Mountain


Now that we have such a sweet baby backpack, we've been going on quite a few family hikes. These pictures are from our hike to the TOP of Green Mountain a few weeks ago. The view from the top was beautiful.


Zayley seems pretty happy as a passenger. Sometimes she gets bored and fussy, but that is usually when the hike has taken us a couple of hours. And by that point, we're all a little fussy.

She is also really in to pointing right now so whoever is carrying her usually spends the entire hike with an authoritative baby finger pointing forward in his/her peripheral vision.


Man. Ain't that perty.


I know all of these pictures make it look like Nate did the majority of the carrying; but, I'll have you know that so far our system is as follows: one parent carries up, the other carries down. Then, we trade for the next hike. So there. Also, of course we ALWAYS bring Izzy. If we didn't, I'm pretty sure we would reek of hike the way a cheating spouse reeks of perfume and she would divorce us.


Here's to more family hikes. I'm thinking Memorial Day.


Jaime said...

So Fun! I love the backpack. I hope you guys have lots of fun hiking (and sharing pictures for all of us poor folks who live where there ain't no mountains). :)

The Jones Family said...

were you referring to the scenery when you stated "man, ain't that perty: ;) I thought so :) That is a sweet pack!