Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ouch, my heart!


Sweet, sweet, Cooper was gentlemanly enough to hang out with Azalea for a little while at the park today even though she was cranky, tired, and too little to run around with the other kids.

I have more pictures of our trip to the park today to be blogged about later!


Rendy Tucker said...

Brad and I just stalked our way through your blog to try and see what you guys are up to. Not much success - so . . . fill us in! Where are you living/what are you doing/etc. Azelia is super-stinkin' cute. (did I spell it wrong?) I'm loving that she is bald and beautiful too. Our poor Scarlett has earned the nick-name "Scarlett No-Haira". Not funny. Good to catch up! Thanks for the comment love!

The Goldade's said...

Pretty dang cute! Before you know if the boys will be knocking down your door....Nate better get his shotgun cleaned and ready! She's such a cutie pie! Hope things are great with you guys!