Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy Ball Popper

Uncle Lorney, Auntie Laurel, and Willy got Azalea a Busy Ball Popper for her birthday. Many of you may have seen these before and yes, they are as fantastic as you imagined they would be. It has taken Zayley a while to figure the whole thing out. She still makes a screeching noise when we turn it on and we can't tell if they are screeches of glee or screeches of anger that the balls are flying all over the place. Observe:

Busy Ball Popper from Miranda Walker on Vimeo


Rendy Tucker said...

AAAGGGHHH! Miranda! How are you guys? I haven't heard from you in soo long, I didn't even know you had a baby. She is soo cute! I love her name. Where are you guys living and what else is new?

Serin said...

LOL I love how she looks in the hole when they stop popping up.