Sunday, June 15, 2008

I Have a Cousin!

Hi Everybody! I just wanted to take this opportunity to welcome my new cousin William into the family (I will be calling him Willy. I asked Aunt Laurel and Uncle Lorney and they said it was okay).

Dear Willy, I'm excited to come to California soon and see you. I hear you weighed 11 pounds when you were born which apparently is a lot. Way to go. I'm glad I got to see a picture of you too...clearly good looks run in our family. Anyway, here's some free advice: try sleeping through the night as early as you can. I think it makes your parents love you more.

Love, (your favorite cousin)



Gail said...

Hi Azalea,
You are so sweet to send your new cousin, Will, such a nice welcome. The hint about sleeping through the night is a very good one. The next time you talk to him, you might want to mention the little secret about how easy it is to wrap your gramma and grandpa around your little finger because they love you sooooo much

Jon & Staci said...

Your nephew is adorable! Bet you're happy you didn't have an 11+ pounder. Is Zayley 11 pounds yet?