Monday, June 16, 2008

Dinner With the Folks

Well hello my adoring readers.

Though you may not be able to tell, I am sitting at the dinner table with my parents. That's right, just like a real human person. This is because at my recent visit to the pediatrician, the doctor told my mom that it was okay to start feeding me some solids when she thinks I am ready. I've been hearing the words "rice cereal" a lot lately, and mom has been talking about letting me play with it and make a mess with it...sounds fantastic if you ask me. For now though, I'm just entertaining my parents while they eat by sitting in my chair and chewing on Mr. Lion. (Just between you and me, I don't think they get out very much because they laugh really hard whenever I try to chew on the lion...I don't see what's so funny.)

So stay tuned everybody! Because in a couple of weeks I'll be eating the crap out of this "rice cereal" stuff.


Jaime said...

oh fun! The first time I fed Ashtyn I though, "oh boy what did I get myself into? Now I have to fit this into my day?" It took her a good 5 weeks to "get it" but now she is an excellent eater. She eats 4 meals a day (just seems to work better that way) and can eat all sorts of stuff! Once Zaley gets the concept of pushing the food back and swallowing you'll have loads of fun showing her the wide world of food. :)

FroggyWoman said...

I hope there isn't "crap" in the cereal!! LOL!!!

Zayley is so stinking cute!!! I am still stunned at how strong she is!!

Wanted to thank you guys for being Jo's teacher, years ago. She stilll mentions you, and you helped her like primary again!