Saturday, May 31, 2008

Weekend Video Extravaganza!

Miss Azalea is a sicky today. She's still her usual happy self, she just has a snotty nose and sounds like a Pug when she breathes. We feel pretty bad for her since she's a baby and can't just blow her nose. I can't believe how well she puts up with having her nose suctioned after every nap. What a great baby.

Anywho, I've been taking some time trying to get our videos loaded onto the computer. (Oddly enough, the digital video camera doesn't download as easily as the digital camera). So I'm going to be putting videos on here throughout the day. Some of them are a little long, because I'm not taking the time to edit them since the grandparents are getting pushy again about updating the blog.

At first these are in no particular order, but eventually I'll put them from oldest to newest...or youngest to oldest, depending on how you think about it. Also, (mom) if you pace yourself and don't watch all the videos in one day, you might not notice how infrequently I'm updating the blog.

Five Little Monkeys
Originally uploaded by N8tr0n

April came to visit me one day with her kids, Parker wanted to entertain Azalea so, commence with the singing. She's very lucky to have two "older brothers" to entertain her during they day and they're so great with her!

Dear Mr. Lion,
I'm sorry I bad-mouthed you earlier. you were right and I was wrong. You are the toy that Zayley decided to reach for and play with; not any of those stupid other toys I was dangling over her head forever. Please accept my apology.

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nina said...

Okay, how do I spread them out when they are sooooo short! And what is with the tongue???? That is so funny.