Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We Are A Happy Family

The weekend of Azalea's blessing, our house was bursting at the seams with family. It was wonderful. Azalea got to meet all of her uncles, her aunt, and her Great-Grandpa Egan. Of course she turned on the charm for her admirers and really picked it up in the chirping and cooing department. Below is a picture of her meeting Uncle Kevan for the first time. She was happy that she scored a later bedtime that night because so many people wanted to hold her.

It's difficult to see in the picture below, but Grandpa Ken's eyes are welling up with tears because Zayley has a healthy chunk of chest hair in her tight little hand. She's getting very good at grabbing onto things, but hasn't yet mastered the mature skill of letting go.

When Azalea smiles, she likes to start by opening her mouth very wide and then shaping it into a half smile. Sometimes it looks like she is contemplating whether or not she could fit your head inside of her mouth. This face is very contagious.

The first time Uncle Spencer got to hold Zayley, he didn't know that she likes to throw herself backward when new people are holding her.

Yep, there she goes. Fortunately Uncle Spence was quick to catch her.

Great-Grandpa Egan got to enjoy some snuggling time too after he pried Azalea out of Grandma Nina's hands.

Aunt Laurel and Zayley had lots of time to talk about how excited they are for cousin William to arrive (although Azalea has decided to call him cousin Willy).

Azalea wants me to let you know that she would like all of you to come back. She very much enjoyed never being put down...especially for naps. Apparently she doesn't like it when I move her into her crib after putting her to sleep. She would much rather wake up on a grandma or an aunt. She says to hurry.


noisy penguin said...

Awww. I miss her. I wish we lived closer.

Jon & Staci said...

Personally - I'd back away from Spence's thang too.