Sunday, January 27, 2008

Ta Dah!

The long awaited...completed nursery. Let me take you on a tour.

We have a lovely crib thanks to Nate's parents, and a super soft crib quilt made by my Aunt Kathy...thanks everybody!

Some of you may know that I decided a while back to go with a "jungle animal" theme. I had this great fabric to inspire me, and I was going to make these fabulous 3-D animals to decorate the walls. As soon as I began making them...I knew it was a mistake. I can't tell you how many times I almost gave up in frustration. Every time I started to make one of these stupid animals I wondered why in the world I'd made so much work for myself...WHY? Luckily, I ended up not hating them in the end. Especially the hippo. He is by far the best one.

Anyway, if any of you think that these animals are so great that you'd like to make some of your own, please call me, so that I can talk you out of it.

Next we will move on to the rocker. It is my grandpa's old rocker that was sitting in my parent's garage. It is covered with my inspiration fabric (not covered for real...I literally just draped the fabric over it until I figure out something better). My brother fixed it up so that I won't have to worry about any screws falling out causing me to crash onto the floor in the middle of the night.

This closet could have potentially ended our marriage. We'll just say we were deciding what to do with it during a time that I was not so...rational. Aside from that, check out what a fashionista our little girl is before she's even born! I have to say, people are very very generous.

These are the cute finger puppets and night lights that we got for Christmas.

This is where I'm planning to keep most of our toy storage. Not that this is realistic at all. I've been in enough homes with babies and toddlers to know that something like this will never contain the amount of stuff they accumulate.

Remember how I said we got our swing for free? Well if you don't remember, we got a used swing from our doula. Then we found out that we could go on Fisher and get all new fabric and a new toy tray, so now it is practically new! Also, we got some cute pictures from my Mom for Christmas. They're hanging above the swing and go perfectly in the room.

Finally, the beginning of our daughter's plush animal/doll collection. My two favorites are the Ugly Doll from Nate, and the people pillow from Neve. (I'll let you know when Neve opens an Etsy shop so that you can own a People Pillow of your own!)

So that's it. I hope you enjoyed the tour. Now all we need is the baby right? Well, Little Spike seems quite content for the time being, though she knows she's welcome to come anytime. Believe me, I've told her.


me said...

SSSSSOOOOOO Cute!!! I love little girl stuff!(That could be because I have two of my own) But seriously I love it!


Jason & Makenna said...

I love your nursery. Your animals are adorable. I am resisting the urge to ask you how you made them. :)