Thursday, January 31, 2008


What is the best part about January in Colorado? Why the National Western Stock Show of course!

Last week, Nate and I got to hang out with my aunts and uncles who had made the long trek through Utah and Wyoming, just to attend this annual event. It was so fun to see them and get a chance to hang out at the stock show. Here's a glimpse of what we got to do...

First of all, here is my family. Uncle Tim is on the right, Uncle Jay is in the middle, and the side of my Aunt Kathy's head is on the left. (My Aunt Leeann is behind Kathy. I have a picture of her by herself but I think she would get mad at me if I put it on here).

Here's me and the front of Aunt Kathy's face. Can you see a family resemblance? I'd also like to point out the fact that I'm 39 weeks pregnant in this shot, kickin' around at the stock show. Give it up folks. Also, please note the lens flare... how artistic.

And here's my cute husband, who fit in quite well with his nice Carhartt jacket.

The first night we were there we went to the Super Dog Show. It's basically a dog agility show that's kind of aimed at kids but is pretty entertaining. The dogs race through jumps and tunnels, catch Frisbees, etc. etc. Oh yeah, and there's a bull dog that can't do any of those things but goes around knocking things over. The best part is the Bob Barker-like announcer guy that comes prepared with jokes for the dogs like..."what did you eat for lunch...jumping beans?" Ahahaha.
Anywho, the cool part of the Super Dog Show was that they set a WORLD RECORD for the highest dog jump!

(Please forgive the mediocre picture...the arena was dark and we were far away.) Nate is skeptical as to whether or not a record was actually set, but I'm going to assume it was. The Stock Show is where history is made people!

Besides the rodeo, I'd have to say our favorite event was the stock dog trails. These dogs are hard-core, and Nate and I both like to dream of what it would be like to have Izzy do this kind of stuff.

Basically, the dogs are instructed by their handlers to herd three cattle through two barrels, between two fences, around another gate, and then into a trailer. Oh yeah, and they have 7 minutes to do all of it. If you've spent any time around cattle, you know that they're not too keen on doing...well anything other than eating and laying so these dogs have their work cut out for them. It was pretty awesome to watch.

We spent all day Friday at the stock show, mostly watching draft horses and a little more dog agility in the evening. Here's some more pictures:

Umm...I love this picture.

So that's basically it. Don't you feel like you were there? Now Nate and I are going to busy ourselves setting up a dog agility course for Izzy. We're hoping that while we're at work, maybe she will want to run around the yard in a clover formation dodging in and out of tunnels instead of digging holes. We'll let you know how that turns out.


Simon & Sara said...

Miranda!!! I have been wondering about you. I was going to ask my mom the next time I talked to her if she had heard if you had your baby yet. Kajsa was 4 days past her due date and it wasn't too bad. I hope she comes soon though! I will be checking your blog daily, so I don't miss the news! :)

The Goldade's said...

I was so happy to see you on here!! I'm new to this whole thing so i'm still learning how to get around. I would love to keep in touch with you...and was so excited to see you preggers!! CONGRATS!! I hope all is well...good to see things are great for you two!

The Goldade's said...

I was so excited to see you on here. We're new to the site so i'm still trying to figure everything out. I'm was so excited to see you preggers!! Congrats!! I hope that this helps me keep in touch with everyone a little more. I'd love to hear from you if you get a chance! Good luck with baby!!