Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I figured it out you guys...

For three years now I've been trying to make my mother's sugar cookies. If you've never had my mother's sugar cookies then first of all, you're missing out...but second of all, you should know that they're not only made with her huge cookie cutters, but they're also 3/4 of on inch thick making them nice a cakey. They usually make a pretty good breakfast.

Anyway as I said, three years trying to make them and for 3 years I've been getting thin, crunchy, stupid (though edible) cookies. Not what I wanted. Furthermore, sometimes they're burnt, and sometimes they're doughy because the recipe I have says "bake at 350 degrees." No baking time. Lovely.

Well I am proud to say that this year I have figured it out. IT'S IN THE ROLLING. If you want your sugar cookies to bake up thick, you have to roll them out thick. I'm not sure why my mom never mentioned this to me when I would call and talk to her about making them. When I called her this time to tell her I had finally figured it out she just said, "oh yeah you cut them pretty thick." Maybe she was giving more baking know-how credit than she should have. You really shouldn't give me much baking-know-how credit. I mean, I'm sure all of you reading this thought to yourself "hmm...thick cookies, thick rolling." Well now you can all be proud of me because I've figured it out too. Hooray for me. Come over and have some sugar cookies because mom's recipe makes approximately a billion.

Note the differences in done-ness in my cookies. ha ha.

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