Thursday, December 20, 2007

Country Roads, Take Me Home....

We're off to Idaho tomorrow to spend the Christmas holiday with my family. We're pretty excited about it...although we would like the Walker family to know that we're sorry we can't spend Christmas with them too. No comments about how crazy I am to be traveling in a car for 10 hours at 34 weeks pregnant...I've already heard it from my clients. You'll be happy to hear that we're breaking it up into two days, stopping every hour or two so I can stretch my legs, and plus my doctor said it was okay.

Merry Christmas everybody! Watch your in-boxes this week as Nate and I have decided that we're grown up enough to send out Christmas newsletters. I bet you can hardly wait.
That did not happen.

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The Tulett Family said...

Hey! We did the long drive to Downey Idaho this Christmas too! We drove right through Twin Falls. It was an interesting trip with a 1 year old! (Just wait!!)