Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh this little girl.


Azalea no longer sits in her high chair that is connected to the table. Now that she is a "big girl" she chooses to sit in a regular chair with the rest of us, happily perched atop a gigantic phone book. Finally we have a use for that thing.

She's also taken to wearing that hat around the house all day long which is a fashion statement her father and I can really get behind.


Azalea can put her pink boots on all by herself. I did not teach her how to do this. One day she came to me and said "boots!" and she was wearing them. On the right feet. She prefers to wear them with no pants.

She also enjoys carrying stools, books, and other elevated objects around the house so that she can then climb on top of them and jump off of them. Again, not something we taught her.


Azalea's latest dinner of choice is popcorn (ka-corn). Here's an actual conversation:
Me: Zayley, what should mommy make for dinner tonight?
Z: Ka-corn (nods solemnly)
Me: Popcorn?
Z: Yeah. Okaaaay. Sure!

Oddly enough, popcorn is my dinner of choice also.


Azalea and I went to the zoo today and she walked pretty much the entire time.

Me: Zayley, do you want to go to the zoo today?
Z: ANIMALS! Raff, Effant, Zeeba, Backpack!
Me: Okay, I guess we're going to the zoo.


I really like hanging out with her.

I also wish I had her style.


Olivia said...

Adorable! Is that that hat I sent? You've made my day, because as a blogger myself, when you send a present you're really secretly hoping it'll one day show up on the recipient’s blog!

Serin said...

She is too cute! I have a hard time believing that she didn't observe you jumping off the couch and kitchen chairs, I can totally see you doing that. ;)

Anonymous said...

Indeed! If only I could pull off the ultra-chic Zaley look. ADORABLE! So glad you get hang out time with baby ("big") girl. Hugs to all!

Life with the Rosas Family said...

She is so ADORABLE! We need to get together sometime soon to let our little girls play (well Zaley may play and Ayla will watch).

Emmylou said...

Cute Cute! I often worry about how I am going to teach my children how to do things, so isn't wonderful how they figure so many things out on their own? That is why I am waiting to potty train. They figure that out on their own too...right?...please...

Laurel said...

Zayley's style is awesome. I wish I could pull it off. I might get arrested for the pantsless-with-boots look though.