Wednesday, January 6, 2010


This morning Nate was telling Azalea that her birthday was coming up soon and that we would have birthday presents and birthday cake. She thought the idea of cake sounded so great that she decided to sit herself down at the kitchen table and have some.

Yes, cake.

Unfortunately, there was no cake in the house.


Lucky for this little girl, she has a thoughtful dad who brought home some cake from Safeway after work.

She got her cake

She does love her some "choca-cake."

She got her cake


Serin said...

Too cute! Now I want cake!

Hil said...

haha! too cute!

Brock and Kristina said...

Cute kids. She's knows what's up. Taylee would take chocolate cake over anything. It's her fav.
PS. I saw your dad's awesome turkey over our christmas break. It was kind of like seeing a movie star. From your the real thing. I saw it out of the corner of my eye when we were driving and I got all excited....."Hey, that's Miranda's dad's turkey!!" It was great. I also plotted out land for our future residence right next door. :) (j/k. i don't think we'll end up in burley...but if we do, i know where to look!)

Jaime said...

For weeks Ashtyn talked about the cake she had for her bday--thought it was the coolest thing ever! but did she eat it? noooo--apparently even a toddler didn't like the taste of my cake. :)

Nate + Carlee said...

So glad you posted. I have missed seeing that sweet little thang of yours! Cake is the best.