Friday, August 14, 2009

She even picked out the costume.

The other day I had Azalea with me down in the basement while I was trying to make sense of the giant mess we keep down there. I was playing some kid music on Pandora and dancing around a little to keep her entertained. I quickly realized that her "dancing" has graduated from moving her hips and arms back and forth--to full on choreography with steps and turns and jutted hips. We danced around the basement and by the end of the song I realized that I was tearing up! You know...because I was sharing this little moment with my daughter who was getting so big and oh yeah because I'm SUCH A SENTIMENTAL SAP. (lovely alliteration Miranda--Oh why thank you!) Honestly I don't know how anyone could live with me.

Anyway, on to the tape.

:: Please note the excellent use of the stage.

:: I'm pretty sure she was trying for an awesome lift at the end, but her partner's hands were full.

:: Also, forgive the poor camera angles. The camera crew was apparently dancing while taking the unprofessional.

Z-cakes Dancing from Miranda Walker on Vimeo.


Laurel said...

That was awesome.

Staci said...

Bootie shakin bumpkins are my favorite!

Serin said...

That is ADORABLE! Too stinking cute!

Jen said...

She is totally gonna be a dancer like her mama.

Jaime said...

Those are some serious moves! I'm impressed. Ashtyn still just bends her legs and bounces up and down real smooth like--we're pretty chill at our house.

Denise said...

She can really move! It makes me a bit dizzy to watch her twirling choreography. Too cute!