Friday, August 21, 2009

Finally you guys.

We finally got Azalea a freakin' riding toy. (Thanks Grandma Nina)

Riding toy

It's clearly the greatest toy ever and it makes lots of noise and sings songs and has a piano on the front and it has this secret compartment where she can hide a bunch of her toys and she can ride on it or push it or be pushed on it and iiiiiit's sooooooo awesooooooooome!

Dirty narrow roads

With a blankie and a riding toy, her little one and half year old life is complete.

Incognito driver

Okay so can we please go back to being happy now and not crying and being cranky all the time because we may or may not be cutting two teeth?

Dirty narrow roads



Serin said...

Brayden and Riley would be so jealous! I love the one with the blanket. Sorry about the teeth :(

nina said...

Great pictures. She was mostly happy when we visited and only had one grumpy day. Hope she gets lots of use out of it.