Wednesday, January 21, 2009

That'll about do it

It's official, as of today I have, "Successfully completed all requirements for the degree Master of Science (Environmental Science and Engineering)." Or at least that's what my letter of completion says. It's no diploma but that will come in May when I 'officially graduate.' And to celebrate, a present for all of you. Can you guess what it is? Well it's a pdf version of my thesis: Membrane Distillation Processes for Treatment and Recovery of Water in Geothermal Power Plants. I know, exciting right? Anyway, if you do decide to take a look I'd suggest page 51 (63 of the entire document). There are some pretty pictures there. I mean, they're not of Azalea or anything but I think they're pretty sweet.

Walker 2009

Also, this scribd thing is pretty neat. Click on the upper right side of the window to make it full screen.

Update: Some guy added my thesis as a favorite on Scribd which freaked me out because I plan to publish some of my findings. I changed the privacy setting to private. This means if you're looking at this in a reader the document won't show up. To solve this problem come look at the blog itself.

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catherine said...

I know we've never met. . .but I have to say, Way To Go!! What an accomplishment!