Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Good Eats

Okay folks, we've got A LOT of food pictures to post and I've decided to put them all up at once. I don't blame you if you just look at the pictures. Food pictures are some of my favorite eye candy. Also, you're welcome for including the recipes.

These are the sandwiches I made to feed the people that attended Nate's thesis defense in November. I got the recipe from my friend Sarah and to use her words "these are heaven!" I made half of them with ham and swiss, and the other half with roasted red pepper and provolone. They were a big hit and (in my opinion) were a huge contributor to the fact that Nate passed his defense.

While we were in Hawaii I had my DREAM BREAKFAST. Pineapple waffles with whipped cream and coconut syrup (drool). I could hardly stop thinking about them and made sure to buy coconut syrup while we were in Hawaii. I decided to re-create it for our Christmas morning breakfast and it was all I hoped it would be. I even got a new Belgian waffle maker as an early Christmas present so I could make them the way I wanted to! (Yes, that means I have 3 waffle makers...what, I like waffles, back off.)

This is a picture of our lovely Christmas dinner. Nothing too special: ham, Gail's dressing, red potatoes, and these really good green beans we heard about on NPR. You should try them.

Zayely ate cheerios. No I'm just kidding. She ate everything we ate. It's possible that she would never stop eating if we allowed it.

We had so much ham leftover that I decided to make split-pea soup with homemade sourdough croutons. It was so really good. Hey Mom! Look! I made and ate split-pea soup!

I made these delicious homemade peppermint marshmallows after being inspired by my dear friend Rachel and also A MILLION OTHER BLOGS. You know how it is when the internet makes you think you need to do things that you don't actually need to do? Homemade marshmallows are one of those things. Mine weren't as fluffy as Rachel's... I think I may have beat them too long. But they were still good and great in hot chocolate.


A few years ago I read a Sunset article about a family that ate crab every year for New Year's. I decided then that I would like to do the same. Then...we moved away from Seattle.
But this year my dream came true! Ben's birthday was on January 1 and he is also one of our only friends who likes crab. We decided to give Ben a crab dinner for this birthday and thus Crab Crackin' New Year's was born! We got Alaskan King crab from Costco and it was amazing(way better than what Carl and Nicki had). We all stuffed ourselves so much with crab that we barely had room for the baked potatoes and salad.

Azalea didn't eat any crab. Instead she ate cheerios and lemons. Because baby cakes likes her some lemons.

P.S. I forgot to take a picture of these Kahlua Pecans that I made but they were just, oh my gosh, I'm out of excited words to use about how great these are. Make them.


karisa said...

I think it's unfair to post all of your yummy pictures with out recipes. I mean, throw the dog a bone. . . just a link would be great too.

nina said...

The pictures are great. Where are the recipes?

nina said...

Got to take that back. If you click on the word it will take you to the recipe. Duh!!

Spencer and Kimberlee said...

Um...you can cook! Looks delicious, all of it.

Emmylou said...

pretty sure the recipe for the sandwiches isn't there, but whatever

Miranda said...

Okay Okay. The sandwich recipe is NOT there because I lost it alright? Sheesh.