Friday, November 7, 2008


No, I'm not talking about my wife, or my daughter, although the title would be completely appropriate for a post about either one of them. This post is more about the beauty of the unseen, which is to say, my thesis, or more specifically, Figure 4.7 of my thesis. I'm not going to go into what you're looking at in this picture, partly because I know my science type posts only draw a fraction of the audience that pictures of Z get, and partly because this stuff is unpublished, hot off my computer, which means it could be stolen. However, without details and the words that used to be in the text boxes, it's pretty much useless. Plus what's life this day in age without a dose of paranoia? Anyway, here's the figure I keep rambling on about. I'd argue that it's the best one in my thesis.


siberianluck said...

thats so awesome. Do you have access to an SEM?

Nate said...

Yeah, but this is actually from an ESEM (environmental scanning electron microscope) which is the same as an SEM only you don't need to do any sample prep (spattering with carbon or gold). So it's great for wet or living samples (microbes).

Jaime said...

Well, as an official micro professor (still getting used to that) I would have to say, that looks AWESOME. :)