Sunday, November 4, 2007


I got to spend last weekend in Idaho visiting my family, having a baby shower, and gushing over my adorable cousins in costume at our big family Halloween party! It really is remarkable how cute my cousins are, and when you put them in costumes...well, see for yourself:

Here's Brenda (cleaning lady), Porter (mouse) and Maylen (dragon).

Blakely (70's girl) and Rhendi (Granny)

Hope (Little Red Riding Hood)

Allie (Dorothy), Zane (Scarecrow), Blake (Lion), Kyle (Tin-man)

Nate and I can only hope that Little Spike is as cute as the other girls in our family...I've known for years that the competition is stiff.

The party was a huge success. There was pinata-ing, balloon popping, candy eating, and pin the wart on the witch-ing. It made up for the fact that I wasn't able to be in Colorado for trick-or-treaters. By the end of the weekend, I was all Halloweened out. Below are videos of the mayhem that ensued when a pinata, a stick, and children under 10 were all placed in the same vicinity.

In other Halloween news, I think everybody should know that my mom made 92 Caramel Apples for trick-or-treaters. She was able to save 10 of them but the rest were spoken for by families knocking at her door. Impressive mom.

P.S. Okay so the videos aren't working for me either right now. But I'm going to bed. I'll fix it later.

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