Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Generation Y (why?)

I was driving to school today, listening to NPR like I usually do. They were talking about baby boomers and retirement, a recently popular topic. After a while they got on generation Y (why?), the generation that I am a member of. They started talking about how generation Y expects to be paid more and expects to get promotions within a year. Then I thought back to all the other things generation Y is. We feel entitled to things we haven’t necessarily earned, we don’t want to work as hard, we need constant reinforcement. I’m sure that there’s more.

What I heard this morning was the last straw, I mean, maybe some if it is true but it might also become a self fulfilling prophecy, you know, keep telling a group of people what they’re like and eventually they’ll meet your expectations.

Aside from all this I have to tell you my new theory about the source of the many shortcomings of generation Y. The baby boomers are getting old and as we know, old people like to complain. So I’m thinking that maybe all this is, is a generation of old people complaining about how terrible the up-and-coming generation is.

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