Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival

As I mentioned previously, my family came to visit a couple weeks ago in August. While they were here, we decided to check out the Rocky Mountain Balloon Festival that we found out about on the news one morning.

We thought it would be the best idea to go to the evening "Illumination Show" since in order to see any of the balloons actually take off into the sky you had to be at the park at like 6:00 AM, which was just not happening for us. The festival was in somewhat of a fair setting with lots of food, music, and advertising obviously on the balloons and in booths on the ground.

It took us a while to decided where to eat since there were so many good choices...until we found these delicious fried potato things. Oh yeah, and the corn dogs, and the fresh lemonade, and the ice cream, and the grilled corn on the cob. I'm pretty sure that things like this are the reason my doctor told me to "watch my diet."

As you can see, as the night progressed more and more hot air balloons filled the sky. When it got dark (and much more difficult to take a good picture), they started to light up the balloons using a special gas that burns brighter.

About four or five times, there was a big countdown to when all the balloons would light up together for about 5 seconds, which was pretty cool. We kept hoping that they were actually going to lift off until we thought about the logistics of 30 hot air balloons flying around together in the middle of the night...guess that probably wouldn't work.

Anyway, we were glad we went...the food was good and the weather was fantastic. Thanks again for coming to visit mom, dad, and grandpa!

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