Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Conversation after a nap


Me: Hi Zayley! Are you ready to get up?
Azalea: Yes Mommy! Mustard is okay!
Me: What is okay?
Azalea: No! Mustard! It's okay.
Me: .....
Azalea: Mustard.
Me: Mustard?
Azalea: Yes, it's okay.
Me: Well, that's good.
Azalea: So I okay too.
Me: You're okay too?
Azalea: Yes. Just like mustard.

Holy crap I love her.


Laurel said...

Lorne and I both LOLed at this. At the same time, not realizing the other was reading it. The stuff they come up with is just awesome, isn't it?

Hil said...

haha, I love it. They seriously say the cutest things! I'm so glad to hear Mustard is okay... PHEW.

Erica said...

Seriously adorable! Soooooo cute! I wonder if she was dreaming about hot dogs...

Serin said...

Too funny! I would love to know what brought that on!

paws said...


Staci said...

Must have been some dream!