Monday, June 7, 2010

A change of scenery


So you heard we moved, right?

Well, in the event that you HAVEN'T heard, we recently left our beloved Denver and moved back to IDAHO! Nate accepted a job in Eastern Idaho and just started his second week of work. We're currently staying with my parents while we look for a place to rent. As you can imagine, Azalea is perfectly content to stay here forever and be spoiled by her grandparents. Nate and I, on the other hand, are feeling a little less settled with our stuff in a storage unit and Nate commuting to work each day.

So, between calls to rental houses and hanging out with family, I will try to update this blog a little. Obviously we've been busy but, not posting since March? There's really no decent excuse for that. I can't promise that posts won't be heavy on pictures and light on words...but I'm guessing you won't mind that too much.


Laurel said...

Oh good. I hate words.

Nate + Carlee said...

Yay you're alive! Also, Idaho is not that far from Utah. Just sayin'. Also, way to go Nate on being all growed up and having a real job and whatnot. Maybe someday we will be there...miss you!

The Tulett Family said...

Where in Idaho? What town? That's awesome that Nate is done with school. Good luck with the house hunt! Andrea

The Jones Family said...

eastern couold move to twin..still close enough to run and grandma's and pa. plenty of houses nearby, i'm sure to rent???!!! yes of course and dirt cheap. or was that in that they are built in dirt....doesn't help much with communuting though? best of luck!