Sunday, November 15, 2009

Not a swimsuit

We had another big snow storm this weekend. Church was cancelled and we had a great day bumming around in our pajamas. When Nate went out to shovel the driveway, I decided that it would be a great time to dress Azalea up in the new snow suit that Grandma Nina gave her. I was, however, mistaken.

I think the misunderstanding happened when the word "suit" left my lips. I'm pretty sure that anytime Azalea hears the word "suit" she automatically thinks, "swimsuit" and that she obviously must be going swimming. When I began stuffing her into something that was decidedly NOT a swimsuit there began to be much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth.


I persevered.



We'll probably need to get her some gloves. Or some socks wrapped in grocery sacks.



Azalea appeared to be apprehensive about the snow...though I prefer to think she was just keeping an eye out for ninjas.


We didn't spend too much time outside...mainly because I was not dressed for the elements. But you can bet we'll be out there again before the 50 degree weather comes back. We can't have Azalea growing out of that suit without getting any use out of it!


I'm sure she'll like it more once she forgets what a swim suit is right?



Jason & Makenna said...

Ha! She looks adorable. Love the cute suit.

Serin said...

That is adorable! Does she have boots? I have a slew of mittens, if she doesn't mind some that are anything but pink ;)

April said...

Oh my. That is adorable!

Kimberlee said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

The Jones Family said...

I love her swimsuite. Mittens were always a challeng. there are some cute snow suite and I try to convince Jason Kobe needs a new one, but maybe he will at least get some new gloves. Ones that don't soak up in 2 mins while make snowballs.

She is toooooooooooo cute! Love the fur around her face!

Emmylou said...

she is so cute and looks so much like you!

Erica said...

Adorable! Love the "suit." Can't believe you've had so much snow! Cancelling church? Lucky! :)

Jaime said...

Adorable. :) love the fur.