Monday, October 12, 2009

Photo Shoot

Since it snowed this weekend, I pulled out a bunch of winter gear to protect myself from the elements. Read: beanies and scarves. Azalea has loved putting on all of the hats that are kicking around. Today she said, "hat...picture!" And I obliged.

Hay HAY Hay!


I see you

Oh hi, I'm adorable.

I'm quite certain I will NEVER get sick of looking at that first picture.


Jenny n' Sam said...

Or any of them. How cute is she!!!Got to say. I think she looks like you.

Serin said...

She is dang cute! Aren't we so blessed to live in the time of digital photography? Seriously, I cherish pictures of my kids!

Erica said...

Holy crap! I'm pretty sure that third picture down is an exact replica of you. I seem to recall a picture of you and Jen (both with hats or some headdresses of some sort) peering out EXACTLY like Z-cakes in that pic. I swear I gasped aloud. :) She is so your daughter! Thank Z-cakes for bringing back some good memories for me.