Friday, March 13, 2009

A Day in Seattle

In February we took a vacation to Seattle to visit Nate's parents. The last time we were there Azalea was only three months old so we were long over-due for a visit. Our dear friends Carl and Nicki recently moved to Bremerton (yeah, Bremerton) so we were happy to see them again too. One of the days we were there we decided to play tourist family and hang out in downtown Seattle with Carl and Nicki for the day. We were both pleasantly surprised at how quickly Azalea adopted the disaffected Seattleite persona.

Big Brass Pig. Meh.

We had a wonderful time hoofing it around Seattle; and, consistent with most of my visits to Seattle, it hardly rained at all. (It only rains in Seattle when I live there)

Do you see the LUSH store in the background? This picture was taken moments before I spent our life savings there.

Azalea had a wonderful time waiting for the stupid ferry. It was so nice of Nicki to walk all over the terminal with Azalea. She is a big girl now and was sick of riding in that stupid stroller. She thought she should be allowed to walk around just like all of the other ferry commuters.

Of course the ferry is quite a nice ride once you're done waiting for it. Azalea enjoyed looking out the window and eating goldfish, and I enjoyed taking pictures of her doing that.

More to come about our exciting adventures in Seattle so stay tuned!


Kyle and Janel said...

Can I just tell you how stinking cute her hat it! I absolutely love it, and with those big blue eyes. She is a cutie!

Jen said...

I've been meaning to tell you that I absolutely love that hat. I want to make one too. I can't believe how big she is. I had to smile when I saw her adorable little body running around your house. What a smart little girl too.

Shane, Rahndi and Levi said...


I can't believe that I hopped on to your blog! Your family is so cute. How are you?


Hewards said...

Where did you get that adorable hat! Your hair color looks so good. Makes me wonder if I should go dark.

Ty said...

Nate, she's so cute. . . how did that happen? I think we got lucky and our daughters got our wives looks! Hope you guys are doing well!