Sunday, December 7, 2008

I like to eat turkey in an old brown shoe...

We spent Azalea's first Thanksgiving in Idaho. It was a nice quiet dinner with my parents, brother, grandpa, and aunt. I loved the fact that it was like any other Sunday dinner, except it was Thanksgiving so we had to have massive amounts of food.

Luckily for Azalea, she is all about the table food these days so she got to eat what everybody else was eating. I also discovered that the majority of food we eat on Thanksgiving is pretty much baby food consistency...mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing, jello...apparently we're not big fans of chewing on this particular holiday.

We decided to give Azalea a chance to manage her own portions with the mashed potatoes. She took this opportunity to cram the biggest fistful of potatoes possible into her mouth. She was not pleased with the result.

By the end of the meal however, she had figured it out and spent a good while banging her plate on her tray signaling that she would like more food to go into her mouth.

Now that we're home we realize that we have effectively trained Azalea to beg. If we sit down in the living room with food she's at our side as fast as her fat little legs can get her over to us smacking her lips and giving us the "whatcha eatin'?" look. Keep in mind that we don't allow our DOG to beg but do we allow our baby? betcha.

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