Tuesday, September 9, 2008

She is going to TOWN on that mango!

My sweet friend Jaime gave me the idea of splitting a mango with my husband and giving the seed to my baby cakes. Azalea was grateful for the opportunity to suck on something so ridiculously sweet and it was hilarious watching the thing slip through her hands.

I recently gave up the rules of introducing new foods to Azalea. You know, the ones that are like,
1. Wait 2-3 days between new foods that are introduced.
2. Introduce vegetables before fruits (which Neve will tell you doesn't work anyway)
3. I don't remember the other ones that I'm not following.

I pretty much give her whatever I can grind or smash up. No don't panic...I'm not giving her peanuts, egg whites, or cow's milk...I know better than that. But since Nate and I don't have any food allergies, our pediatrician (currently one of my favorite professionals in the whole wide world) gave us the go ahead to be a little lax in our feeding habits.

I tried to drag my feet on introducing solids to Azalea, truly I did. But she was insistent. She was grabbing food off of our plates, eating peas ecstatically, and smacking her lips whenever I ate in front of her. Neve finally laid the smack down and said, "Miranda...she's ready to eat solid foods. You should feed her something." Fine.

Oh how I love sticky messy baby. No seriously, I do. I strongly believe in babies making messes.

All in all, another successful evening meal. For those of you who are curious, Azalea also enjoys eating: avocados, bananas, peas, sweet potato, plums, oatmeal, cupcake frosting, limes, paper, cell phones, and your finger.


Gail said...

and avocados? Very cute, sweet, and sticky pictures. Thanks Zayley's mom:)

nina said...

She is looking at you like "Might I have a taste of what you are eating?" These are great. Her hair is coming in good too!! Can't wait to give her lots of kisses.

Staci Hill said...

I love that Zayley's grandmas were the first to comment!

I love sticky babies, too. As long as they aren't mine ;). Great photos!