Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Quick update

As you may have read in the last post, Miranda has given Azalea the task of rolling from her back to her stomach. While nobody has actually witnessed her doing this, there is mounting evidence that she can. I'm still not sure if she is rolling covertly to spite us or not.

Either way, I set her down on her belly on a blanket on the floor the other day and went into the kitchen to make myself some lunch. About 5 minutes later I walked back into the living room where I found her about four feet away from where she started with her face buried in the dog's bed... I guess she likes the smell of old cedar chips and dog funk. You might argue that she scooted that far but there's a lot of friction to overcome going across the carpet. Plus, doesn't rolling come first? On another occasion, Miranda put Z down for the night on her back and when we went in to check on her later she was laying on her belly. So unless there is a rogue baby roller in my neighborhood going from house to house putting babies on their tummies (I like to think of someone from my parents generation who still hasn't bought into the "back to sleep" campaign) Azalea is now officially a full member of the rolling club... which, I'm afraid, means no more sleeping on the big bed by herself.

See how sad that makes her?

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