Wednesday, February 6, 2008

This Will Work For Sure

I'm assuming that anybody who has been pregnant knows that by the time you're 41 weeks along, you're sick to death of your maternity clothes. So today I decided that I'd like to buy this pretty new sweater to add some newness to my collection.

I also think that buying a new maternity shirt will make me go into labor just because Little Spike won't be able to resist the irony.


judiroso said...

I had to comment on this, because Ronan was a week late, and I tried EVERYTHING to get him to come early. All it got me was tired and in false labor a couple of times which is WAY worse than no labor. I didn't however try buying a new shirt-I'm sure that would have worked! You are quite the woman to not cave and just induce labor! Go Miranda!

The Goldade's said...

I hope the shirt works...but what a bummer if it works to soon and you don't get to wear it much. I'm so impressed with you're sweet sewing skills...i'm a beginner but I love it and i'm learning alot. So...i was wondering if you could instruct me on you're super cute burp cloths!! I love them and I wanted to try to make you have an email addy that I could get. Hope all is well...let us know when little spike arrives!!

Gail said...

I was sure that buying a whole Costco sized bunch of bananas last Friday would help you along, but I guess not..... not yet, anyway