Friday, May 25, 2007

Hooray for Visitors!

Nate's parents came to visit over Mother's Day weekend. It was so much fun to have them stay, and we had more things to do than we could fit in while they were here.

First, we went to the Celestial Seasonings tour in Boulder. Celestial Seasonings is a company that manufactures specialty teas, that was founded in Boulder by a 19 year old in 1969. It was pretty awesome to see so much tea product all in one space and all the aromas were amazing. You get to walk into a huge room filled with peppermint and spearmint that is so strong it clears your sinuses and makes your eyes water.

On Mother's Day we went to a Rockies game. The weather was gorgeous and there was enough cloud cover that we didn't get fried by the Colorado sun. We were impressed by how comfortable Coors field is and we had pretty good seats in left field.

Our seat tickets also came with free peanuts, and of course a few of us had hot dogs too. That made up for the fact that the Rockies lost to the Giants...and boy did they ever lose.

Above is a picture of some of the luckiest kids in Colorado playing a little ball before the game. I should also mention that we were all excited to see Barry Bonds play but apparently he does not play on Sundays...or he does not play the Rockies.

We did a little bit of hiking too. We wanted to do more but the afternoon thunder showers kept us from going on anything too long. We got to check out the Red Rocks Amphitheater, look out over Denver, and take pictures while looking into the sun.

And is a picture of the Pear & Gorgonzola tart that I made for brunch on Mother's Day. don't you all want to come and stay?

P.S. Bill, next time you come stand in front of the camera a little more why don't ya.

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Gail said...

Thanks for documenting our wonderfully fun (and delicious) visit with you. You are super hosts, and I recommend your B & B highly as a super destination!! Gail