Saturday, March 31, 2007

It begins...

So after much indecision...are we cool enough to have a blog?...would anybody ever read our blog?...couldn't we call our family just as easily to let them know what's going on?...we've decided to start a blog. Now you can all stay ridiculously up to date on what is going on in our lives; at least the things that we decide to write about that is. Hopefully reading about all of the fun we're having here will persuade more of you to visit us here in the Mile High City; and if you've already come to visit...maybe you'll want to come more often. Please enjoy and comment often! And now, to practice loading pictures onto this thing, I'll post some of the beautiful pictures that Nate took of my Stargazer Lilies I bought the other day.

I have to add that I'm very proud of my flower purchase. I searched specifically for a bundle that didn't have any open blooms yet (I learned that watching Gail pick orchids) so that we could enjoy them for the maximum amount of time. It was a good choice and they're not done blooming yet!

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